Meet the people who are helping transform Ophthalmology.



Meet the people who are helping transform Ophthalmology.


They can be the loudest voice in the room, or the quietest constant.

They can lead the charge to try something new, or simply encourage us to try and try again.

But they always have one thing in common: the courage and vision to do things differently.

Now it's time to celebrate the Change Makers shaping the future of ophthalmology as we know it.

Uniting Change Makers

See the many faces of change as we transform the future of ophthalmology, together.

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Where change begins

Watch healthcare professionals and Roche employees from around the world share their stories on becoming Change Makers in ophthalmology.


Our passion for Ophthalmology

Understand what drives and motivates healthcare professionals and Roche employees to work in the field of Ophthalmology.


Our commitment to Ophthalmology

Discover why Roche employees and healthcare professionals are committed to making a difference in the world of Ophthalmology.

We believe that all change has a beginning and we strive to make sure that it never ends.

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