Our focus on vision


Your vision is precious which is why we do all we can to protect it.

Our commitment to vision is guided by three key principles.


Shaping the future with innovations today

We are currently exploring groundbreaking solutions for multiple eye diseases.


Multiple voices with one single vision

We partner with a diverse range of companies, clinicians, and people with low vision to fuel our cutting-edge research.


The right solutions for the right people

We continue tailoring solutions for low vision with personalised healthcare and the latest data technology.

The future of vision is closer than you think


Shaping the future with innovations today

We don’t just talk about transforming lives.

Instead, we take action to do it.

Combining heart and expertise to give you the solutions you deserve.

Groundbreaking exploration

We are explorers at heart.

Relentlessly moving forward so that you can too.

Right now we’re exploring a number of molecules across a range of disease areas. We’re also proud to be looking into the possibility of gene therapy in vision.

This gives us the potential for more solutions to a wider range of eye diseases.

A number of molecules across a range of disease areas

Right now we are exploring

The potential for gene therapy in vision


Our research is shaped by the authentic experiences of people with low vision.

That's why we're sponsoring over 30 clinical trials with over 22,000 people participating from all over the world.1

Exploring solutions for low vision alongside the people it affects most.

Disease areas

More needs to be done to address the impact of vision loss on individuals, loved ones, and wider communities.

We focus on a range of eye diseases:


Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

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Diabetic eye disease

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Diabetic retinopathy (DR)

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Diabetic macular edema (DME)

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Retinal vein occlusion (RVO)

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Multiple voices with one single vision

Change demands collective courage.

That’s why we gather multiple voices from around the world to ignite it.

Together, we can realise a future where retinal disease no longer dictates
everyday living.


Uniting expertise

We partner with a variety of companies, clinicians, and people with low vision to help guide us toward cutting-edge research.



We continue to explore new treatments and technologies alongside other innovative companies specialising in health.



When it comes to clinicians, we believe in open communication. This helps us to understand how best we can improve medical solutions to a number of eye diseases.

People with low vision


It’s time to see the people behind the statistics. Our connection to people with low vision remains at the heart of our research. By listening carefully to the experiences of those living with low vision, we’re inspired to find new solutions together. 


The right solutions for the right people 

Each journey with vision is a personal one.

We know that low vision can affect the lives of the people who experience it firsthand and those closest to them.

Whether you’ve dealt with vision loss for decades or you’re facing the early days, we believe in an individual approach to care.

Personalised healthcare

Personalised healthcare (PHC) means finding new and tailored ways to protect vision
based upon each individual and their own personal circumstances.


PHC can help to reduce pressure on people with low vision and their loved ones when seeking treatments by:

  • Addressing specific vision needs.
  • Creating bespoke care plans.
  • Exploring more durable solutions to vision loss.

The power of data

Each one of us can play a part in making life-changing discoveries in vision.

After all, it only takes one piece of data to change the way we treat eye disease.

We now have the technology to collect new and valuable information
to help us better understand what drives the leading causes of vision loss.

We utilise a range of sources:


Electronic health records


Imaging data


Patient reported outcomes


Clinic appointments

The data collected could help us to protect vision and empower people 

to make more informed decisions about their own care.

Cause to collaborate

You can be sure that we’ll continue moving forward with organisations, specialists, and people living with low vision as we step into the future of Ophthalmology, together.

We’re here for your journey


1. Data on file. Genentech, Inc. South San Francisco, CA.