Clinical eye trials

About Clinical Trials - Eye Clinical Trials Xplained (Eye CTX)

Clinical trial information for eye conditions

It is always best to speak to your doctor about available clinical trials for your eye condition, location and fit. Don't forget, patient advocacy groups can also be a good resource.



Eye clinical trials xplained (Eye CTX)

The Eye CTX storyboard was created by doctors and the Roche Ophthalmology Patient Council members representing those living with vision conditions and multiple patient advocacy groups globally. Open the window to learn about clinical trials for eye diseases.

Benefits of joining a clinical trial


Access to care


Potentially better detection and diagnosis


Potential access to investigational treatments


Opportunity to help others


Stay informed

Wondering where you can access information about specific clinical trials? Visit the website, a database you can search to learn about ongoing clinical trials. You can also speak to your doctor and patient advocacy group for more information.