Personalised healthcare

Personalised healthcare (PHC) places you and your vision at the heart of our innovations. It can help transform approaches to a variety of eye diseases and the solutions that work best for you.


Learn more about how you and your loved ones can benefit 
from PHC by exploring the three key areas below.


Exploring personalised healthcare

There have been many advances in how we treat and manage eye diseases over time. However, we know that more can be done.

Personalised healthcare (PHC) gives us the opportunity to help you better understand your vision and find solutions that work for you.

More than a treatment

By combining new treatments with personalised healthcare solutions, we can help to:

  • Personalise how individual care is managed.
  • Support the best possible outcomes for vision.
  • Encourage better use of healthcare resources.
  • Assist doctors to support more people living with eye diseases.

Technology and progress

PHC gives us the potential to look beyond medicine alone when finding solutions for people living with eye diseases.

We’re with you every step of the way.

The power of data

We can all do our bit to help pave the way for new discoveries in vision. By sharing data, we can inspire new solutions and transform lives around the world.


Data that goes the distance

Data sharing has the power to do great things.


It can help:

  • Fuel better research
  • Spark new ideas
  • Support people with eye diseases to make more informed treatment decisions

How it works:

  • We only collect data once it’s been anonymised. This means that personal details remain confidential.

  • Each piece of data feeds into the data of thousands and, once collected altogether, it can help us personalise care.

  • This can lead to an improvement in vision outcomes and quality of life.

Keeping your data safe

Here are four of the key principles we follow to make sure
that your data stays safe in our hands.



We identify and register
data in a clear way.




We have a transparent procedure in place for accessing data.



We have clear and accessible conditions for the use and reuse of data.


Common standards

We use data according to common, published standards.

Data sharing can spark the change we all want to see.


Technology and personalised healthcare

Personalised healthcare (PHC) is currently being shaped by a growing number of different technologies, from artificial intelligence to digital tools.

Find out how these exciting technological advances could help improve how we experience a range of eye diseases.

Artificial Intelligence

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have the potential to:

  • Detect a series of eye conditions quicker.
  • Focus on predicting and preventing eye diseases.
  • Create individual care plans to help prevent vision loss.

As a result, people could be given more accurate and tailored assistance in managing eye conditions.


Digital technology

Digital health technology, such as mobile apps for eye care, could also give people the
opportunity to track and manage their eye condition and treatment remotely.

This could help people enjoy as much independence as possible, with the potential for
fewer hospital visits required.

As technology grows, so do our choices.